Ras Mohammed South Sinai

We often take customers to Ras Mohammed National park its worth the short journey from Sharm, back in October Debbie & Darren’s turn. Ras Mohammed is only 25 km from Sharm, its one of our favourite spots to escape busy Sharm noise. The Sinai landscape is more open on this road than Dahab we catch tantalizing glimpses of the aqua blue Red Sea, we’re all eager to jump in.

First time visiting the park so off to see the landmarks. Heading for the mangrove channel first, at the southern most point of south Sinai. The gulf of Aqaba left , Suez to the right & Red sea continuing ahead. Its an amazing site see why its recommended in most guide books. It’s still early so we move around park showing the other sites, earthquake, saline lake but were here for snorkelling hoping Yolanda reef is not too choppy, it is, so on to main beach perfect & empty, we have it all to ourselves, not something you can say on any beach in Sharm! The serenity calms us & we get ready to snorkel. Ahmed checks the current & directs us to the right its a long way from beach to the coral lip edge, sandy then as we get closer to the edge the coral crops appear. Mask on here we go! That first feeling of going over the reef edge puts things in perspective, boy do you feel small, the wall of coral is endless & visibility clear down 30 meters then into the blue it disappears. Hard coral dwarfs us, some the size of small cars, the reef is so vibrant in colour, a Puffer comes from the blue towards the reef decreasing in size as approaching the reefs safety. Angelfish dancing pairs & an adult trigger fish, i so love the blues of this fish. Groupers & more puffers. Ras Mohammed doesn’t disappoint the coral life is intense. Back at the beach & time to walk up shark observatory, its only 10 minutes away the climb is so worth it. Darren’s happy the telescope works i can see fanar, old market i can see Ahmed sleeping lol.

Sahbi safari made a return visit to Ras Mohammed in early December with Avery from Paris, an adventurous young traveller who despite the travel ban on Sharm & recent troubles in Paris traveled via Istanbul to Sharm. She’d spent two night up on mount Moses & was glad of Sharm’s warm sunshine. We drove to our blissful main beach & she snorkelled the whole reef by herself, no boats, no groups of snorkellers, no one at all, just us watching from the cliff edge enjoying the peace & quiet. Crabs scampering over the rocks, a moral eel winding its way over the coral tops, the reef was alive like never before. We love these quiet interludes in Sharm’s tourism last time after the revolution was an equally unforgettable time on the reefs. Mass tourism does spoil things & most people don’t get to appreciate the true beauty of the Red Sea.

ras mohammed park
Totally deserted Main beach pure bliss for us

Reflection on Ras Mohammed National Park, in our opinion now is a time like no other we have seen in our years here & truly will never be again. Divers, snorkelers or just nature lovers be adventurous you will be rewarded tenfold no one has seen the reefs like this since Sharm became a popular tourist destination. If you want to have the reef to yourself & immerse in the raw beauty of the Red Sea just do it, it might be a longer journey or a little more cost, but lives worth those spectacular moments that you’ll remember forever.



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