Abu Simbel Sun Festival – Aswan – Egypt

February 2017 & October 2017

Private tour only – Ask more information

Egyptian Visa Needed

Attending the ‘Sun Festival’ at Abu Simbel, is a unique experience that gas to be done once in a life time #Bucketlist. The bi-annual festival marks important dates in the life of Ramses II. The Sun alignment Phenomenon is the highlight of the touristic season in Aswan.

Just after sunrise, rays of the sun illuminate the statues of Ramses, Ra & Amun in the central chamber. The likeness of Ptah, the god of darkness remains in the shade. The occurrence takes place on the 22 October, the birthday of Ramses II, & 22 February, when he ascended the throne. Ramses the bold, Ramses the fair, Ramses the great, Ramses who lived to be 96 had 200 wives and concubines, 96 sons & 60 daughters are but a few descriptions of this ruler of Ancient Egypt. Ramses II was also known for his ingenious accomplishments in blending architectural & natural phenomena. The Abu Simbel Sun Festival is one of the world’s most tremendous & unique events to date.


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