Lost city of Petra – Jordan 

Adult £170 / Child £165

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Travelling on foot through the winding gorge you enter Petra. The capital city of the Nabataean’s, described by John William Burgon as ‘a rose-red city half as old as time’.

Not a lot is known about the ancient culture of the Nabataean’s, except that they were excellent engineers. With amazing skill and craft they built water conservation and irrigation systems and carved their homes, temples and tombs right out of the rocks.

Pick up from your hotel in Sharm el Sheikh in the early morning, then drive for approximately Three hours to Taba, it is nice drive through Sinai desert between the high mountains of Sinai and the Gulf of Aqaba. Come to dock to take the Ferry boat at 7.30 am, sail across the Gulf of Aqaba from Taba to Aqaba – Jordan, and arrive at 8.45 am. Drive to Petra by bus for approximately two hours, where a 2-3 hour guided tour begins.

Walk through the Canyon – The Siq

We start the tour on foot, though the Ancient main entrance Known as the Siq, leading to the city of Petra, a narrow, winding gorge over 1 kilometer in length. Most of the rock is natural and other carved by the Nabataean’s, at the beginning of the Siq you can still view the remains of the city’s gates. On both sides of the Siq are water channels that draw water from Wadi Musa, to the inside of the city. The floor of the Siq was paved in stone slabs, some can still be seen in original location.

Al Khazna – The Great Treasury

As you come to the end of this beautiful ravine, a very narrow opening offers a peephole to one of the most spectacular sites in Petra – Al Khazana -The Treasury. Carved out of the side of the red-rose sandstone mountain face, almost 40 meters high intricately decorated, consists of two floors with three chambers, a middle one and one on each side. Probably in the first century BC, scholar’s debate as to its actual function.

The Roman Theater & the Royal tombs

After the visit of the treasury, we will visit the Roman theater which dates back to Byzantine era & the Royal tombs. The Theater carved into the mountain side, has three rows of seats separated by passageways, seven stairways ascend the auditorium which can accommodate 4000 spectators. The Nabataean’s buried their dead in intricate tombs cut into the rose-red sandstone. There are four main Royal Tombs, The Urn Tomb (The Court), The Silk Tomb, Corinthian Tomb and Palace Tomb. The Urn Tomb gets it name from the jar depiction that crowns the pediment, to the north the Silk Tomb gets its name from the rich colour of the sandstone – one of the most dramatically coloured tombs in Petra. The Corinthian Tomb, lies after the Silk Tomb, resembles the Silk Tomb and Treasury particularly in its upper part, to the north The Palace Tomb twelve elaborately decorated columns on the bottom above eighteen pillars. Afterwards have lunch at hotel in the city center.

Al Habis fort

We continue our tour to the hill of Al-Habis fort which dates back to Crusaders times, for a breath-taking panoramic view of deep gullies and uniquely coloured rock formations. When the Crusaders inhabited Petra their concern over constant attacks, they built two fortresses that both command 360 degree views, Al habis fort over looked the heart of Petra.

At the end of the day drive back to Aqaba port and sail back to Taba, then by air-conditioned coach back to Sharm el Sheikh. Transfer to your hotel.

It is necessary to have a passport, money, water and snacks, suitable clothing and footwear.

The programme includes

Transport in air-conditioned coach, tickets for ferry, entrance fees, Professional tour guide, Transfers from your hotel and back, Lunch in Jordan. Visa to Jordan, visa to re-enter Sharm el Sheikh (Gulf of Aqaba free zone).

The programme excludes

Tipping, Drinks in the Restaurant, Any extras not mentioned in the program.

Lost city of Petra – Jordan & Old City of Jerusalem – Israel, is available as a two day excursion every Monday & Thursday – Adult £220


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