Beach & Swim in Nabq


 Adult £65 / Child £55

What could be more breathtaking while in Sharm El Sheikh than horseback riding on the beach and swimming in the sea? This is the most popular of all of our excursions at Sahbi Safari in the summer months, and most definitely something to tick off your bucket list. Designed for all ages and all levels of experience (although we do recommend children over 8 only please unless very accomplished riders), this fun horse riding adventure is perfect for the whole family and groups of friends. We will meet on the beach, and enjoy a lovely hour long ride along the golden sand to the Costal Gate of Nabq Oasis. After our riding, we will take the saddles off the horses and take them into the sea for a swim.

  • Experienced guides will accompany your group along the entire ride (both in and out of the water)
  • Changing Rooms are available at the beach
  • Passports are required at the check point of the national park

Sunrise & Sunset

sunrise sunset riding

£50 Adult / Child £40

Take a romantic private ride along the stunning beaches of Nabq National Park with your own guide. Watch a new day dawn in the morning and welcome it from horseback, or witness the kaleidoscope of colours as the sun sets over the mountains.

Sunrise and sunset are the most magical times of the day to see the nature in the national park. The pick-up time to see the sunrise is approximately 4.30am and for the sunset it is 2.30pm, although times vary slightly between summer and winter.

  • This trip is available either as a beach excursion or a mountainside ride, so please let us know which you would prefer when booking
  • Dinner or breakfast is available for an additional £15pp
  • Passports are required at the check point of the national park

1.5 Days of Riding & Starlight Camping with the Horses Overnight in Nabq National Park

nabq  safari

£180 per person – Accomplished Riders (Minimum of 2 people)

Come and ride on the beach, through the deserts and in the mountains in south Sinai and Nabq National Park.

There is a full riding day on day 1 with up to 5-6 in the saddle and a half day on day 2, perfect for a gallop along the sea exploring smallest of Egypt’s three deserts. It is blessed with an astonishing variety of landscapes and terrain such as Granite Mountains, dunes, sandstone, canyons, unique flora and fauna, medicinal plants, oases, rock formations and lunar sceneries.

A traditional dinner will be cooked for you by our guides, before you retire to a night spent under the stars. In the morning we will have traditional breakfast before arriving home early in the afternoon after a few more hours of riding. Tents are provided along with beds and sleeping bags, as this is very authentic experience.

  • For those who are not camping fans, small beach huts are available on the sea front for an additional £19pp
  • Please discuss your dietary requirements with our bookings manager, letting us know your preference from fish, meat (goat and beef) and chicken
  • Passports are required at the check point of the national park

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