Parasailing, Tube & Banana Boat

Single £45 / Double £75

Tour Everyday

Ready for an Adrenalin Rush? The Water sports madness starts with Parasailing for the more adventurous tourist, Parasailing is a must. What a way to take a look at the whole of Sharm, a bird’s eye view! You are taken out on the boat to an area local to shore where the wind direction will give you the best possible experience. All harnessed up and with life jackets on, off you go! You will be winched out up to 100 meters, where you will be able to absorb the views while you float along with the breeze in your face. After approximately 10 minutes in the air you are gently winched back down to the boat and quite often you are lowered into the water to cool of a little before being finally winched on board. It is fun and safe for all ages.

Next ready for FUN! on the water? Zoom across the beautiful Red sea and experience the thrill of hurdling over the waves on an inflated tube and banana boat. Feel the wind in your hair as you enjoy the ultimate way to cool down after sunbathing on the beach. How long can you stay on for? We challenge you!

The programme includes

Pick up & transfer

Important notice

Parasailing Maximum weight for doubles is 150Kg (330lbs)


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