Quad Biking Desert Safari

Single £15 / Double £20

Private £25

Tour Everyday Sunrise or Sunset

If you’re craving a real adventure, this two hour quad bike safari is right up your street. After a brief guide on how to use the motor bike safely then the real fun begins. You will drive behind the escort to the spectacularly beautiful deserts of Sharm, where you can open up the throttle & zoom across the sands. This is an exhilarating experience we guarantee you will love, where better to open up a quad bike than in the stunning deserts of Sharm.

Pick up from your hotel in Sharm el Sheikh, then drive to the quad bikes station, get some instructions how to use the motor bike, safety and security matters and then start you adventure right into the desert. You can have either a single bike for one person or a double one for 2 persons.

You will drive at high-speed through the sand, dust and sand will batter against your face, so you need to be covered that is why do not forget your Arafat scarf. Your guide will teach you how to fold the Arafat scarf so that it can withstand the wind. You don’t want to return with your body all sand coloured.

Sinai desert – a paradise for lovers of travel and adventure!  Spend an unforgettable two hours on the quad bike in the desert, then, meet the sunrise and sunset over the mountains of Sinai. Situated in Wadi Al-Aat is a Bedouin tent where you can rest and drink herbal tea. This tour is of one of the most popular. Need to have:  Arafat scarf, sunglasses, comfortable shoes and clothes, money.


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