Sand Buggy Desert Safari


Private £45

Tour Everyday Sunrise or Sunset

For off-road enthusiasts, we recommend an excursion with Safari Buggies. Small super springy cars created for sandy and rough trails.

Fun is guaranteed!

Exactly the same type of excursion as the quads but this time you drive the new & exciting sand buggies, a cross between a 4 wheel drive jeep & a quad. A go anywhere all terrain vehicle, simple to operate, & exceptionally safe. The vehicle takes 1 or 2 people sat side by side in proper seats with seat belts &full roll over cage. It’s absolutely perfect for families or those that want to sit in a seat rather than on a saddle. The safari although 2 hours covers a lot more desert than the quads, as it is more comfortable, robust & a quicker vehicle than the quad. During the excursion there is a stop at a Bedouin tent where, according to local customs, you will be offered the traditional tea that we recommend you enjoy the silence while watching the beautiful colours of the desert. Need to have:  Arafat scarf, sunglasses, comfortable shoes and clothes, money.

The programme includes

Pick up & transfer, Bedouin Tea


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