Tiran Intro-Scuba Diving Trip

One Dive £30 / Two Dives £45

Tour Everyday

For any beginner the Intro dive is a must, and we operate these trips, with novices in mind. The day starts after breakfast, meet the experts who are solely catering for those who really want to sample, a taster, of what scuba diving is all about. The trip includes one or two dives, if you want support from a family ember or friend, the good news is that they can accompany you on the boat, at a cost of a day trip on the boat only, without the diving package, but all lunch and drinks are included for them. This option has proved popular with couples who both, don’t want to take advantage of that diving challenge. It’s a great way to take that first step, to see if you can master the skills needed, before investing in a course of diving at a greater expense. Dive into the blue and see the underwater world of the Red Sea, you might just love it!

Scuba diving courses & Dive packages

Just ask Ahmed about scuba diving courses, you can study PADI or CMAS. If you’re a diver looking for a dive package Ahmed can arrange what best suits your interests & dive qualification, from local shore dives, wreck diving or dive safari’s.


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