Watch Sunrise at Summit of Mount Moses -Sinai

Adult £30 / Child £25

Tour Everyday Except Thursday & Saturday

Trip to the mountain of Ten Commandments, Mount Sinai, Moses Mountain, for a memorable experience and watching the sunrise from its holy peak.

Excursions in Egypt are very diverse, but this is worth special attention. Mount Moses, or, as they call it the monks’ sacred peak “, has a height of 2285 meters above sea level, climb to the summit  from the monastery can take two hours.  According to legend, this is the Mount Horeb, on top of which Moses received the tablets of the Ten Commandments.

Reach the summit of the mountain is two ways. One – traditional pilgrim route the ‘Steps of Repentance’; 3750 steps cut out of the rocks.  This route is shorter, but more difficult. Another, easier way paved by the Egyptian authorities in the 21st century on this route it is even possible to ride a camel to the summit.  On top of Mount Moses is a chapel dedicated to the Holy Trinity. To the north of the chapel there is a cave where God said to Moses, “When my glory passes by, I will put you in a cleft of the rock, and will cover thee by my hand until I have passed.” (Exodus 33:22).

From the top of the mountain offers a breath-taking view, for which it is worth spending power to climb.  Especially the view of the sun rising over the endless mountain peaks. According to legend, a man who ascended the mountain and met the sunrise would release all sins.

Going down the mountain, you will be taken to the monastery of St Catherine – the oldest Christian monastery, built in the 6th century.  At the monastery, located in the grounds, a descendant of the burning bush – a bush fire in which, according to the Old Testament, the Lord first appeared to the prophet Moses. Inside the main monastery church are relics of St Catherine.

It is necessary to have a passport, water, and money.  Need comfortable clothes and shoes, warm clothes.


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